Music from England




Many thanks to Barry Taylor! You may find all lyrics of the tunes here listed on his wonderful site: The Tunebook.


English Tunes


MIDI | Abbotts Bromley Horn Dance
MIDI | Abide With Me
MIDI | All Things Bright and Beautiful(also known as Royal Oak)
MIDI | A-Roving
MIDI | Banks Of Allen Water
MIDI | Barbara Allen
MIDI | Begone, Dull Care!
MIDI | Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind Dew
MIDI | Blow Away The Morning Dew
MIDI | Blow The Man Down
MIDI | Blow The Wind Southerly
MIDI | Bonnie Tyneside
MIDI | The British Grenadiers
MIDI | British Man O' War
MIDI | Burton Ale
MIDI | Cherry Ripe
MIDI | Come Lasses and Lads
MIDI | The Cruel War
MIDI | The Cuckoo
MIDI | The Cutty Wren
MIDI | Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron
MIDI | Dorsetshire Hornpipe
MIDI | Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
MIDI | Drunken Sailor
MIDI | Early One Morning
MIDI | An English Country Garden
MIDI | Fair Maid of Islington
MIDI | The Foggy Foggy Dew
MIDI | The Girl I Left Behind Me
MIDI | God Save The Queen
MIDI | The Greenland Whale Fisheries
MIDI | Greensleeves
MIDI | The Greenwood Tree
MIDI | Gypsy Rover
MIDI | Here's To The Maiden Of Bashful Fifteen
MIDI | Hesleyside Reel
MIDI | Home, Sweet Home
MIDI | I Saw Three Ships
MIDI | It Was A Lover And His Lass
MIDI | John Peel
MIDI | The Keeper
MIDI | Land Of Hope And Glory
MIDI | The Lass of Richmond Hill
MIDI | The Leaving Of Liverpool
MIDI | The Lincolnshire Poacher
MIDI | Linnen Hall
MIDI | Lord Franklin
MIDI | The Miller of Dee
MIDI | My Boy Willie
MIDI | The Navy Hymn (Eternal Father, Strong To Save)
MIDI | The Nightingales Sing(Also known as The Grenadier and the Lady)
MIDI | Oh Dear! What Can The Matter Be?
MIDI | O God Our Help In Ages Past
MIDI | Oh! Rest Thee Babe
MIDI | Over the Hills and Far Away
MIDI | Polly Oliver
MIDI | The Rakes Of Mallow
MIDI | The Riddle Song
MIDI | Roast Beef of Old England
MIDI | Royal Oak (All Things Bright And Beautiful)
MIDI | Rule Britannia
MIDI | Sailor's Hornpipe
MIDI | Scarborough Fair
MIDI | The Vicar of Bray
MIDI | Wait For The Wagon
MIDI | The Water Is Wide
MIDI | Where The Bee Sucks
MIDI | Widdicombe Fair
MIDI | The Willow Tree

All sequences and arrangement by Barry Taylor




MIDI | The Peacock Follow The Hen / Drops of Brandy (Slip Jigs)
MIDI | Heart Of Oak / British Grenadiers / The Farmer's Boy
MIDI | The Liverpool Hornpipe / The London Hornpipe / The Portsmouth Hornpipe
MIDI | Harvest Home / Timour The Tartar / The Bristol Hornpipe

All sequences and arrangement by Barry Taylor



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