Sousa, John Philip

Washington 1854 - Reading, Pennsylvania 1932





MIDI | The bridge elect
MIDI | The fairest of the fair March
MIDI | Sabre and Spurs March (March of the American Cavalry)
MIDI | Liberty bell March
MIDI | Liberty bell March
MIDI | The charlatan March
MIDI | Washington Post (1890)


Various type of rolls with (probably) no player


MIDI | Stars and Stripes March
MIDI | Washington Post *
MIDI | Manhatten March


Ideal roll (live) recording, piano: Willie Richfield
* QRS (live) recording, piano: Sterling and Arden
QRS (live) recording, piano: Louis Felker (?)


MIDI | The March king: Medley tunes (Willow Blossoms, The Stars & Stripes Forever, Hands Across The Sea, Semper Fidelis, Washington Post, El Capitain, The Charlatan March) - All arranged by W. Kaufmann
MIDI | March King Medley: Washington Post, Semper Fidelis
MIDI | Sousa March Medley: Washington Post, El Capitan, Semper Fidelis


QRS (live) recording, piano: Walter Kaufmann
* QRS (live) recording, piano: Frank Milne
Aeolian (live) recording, piano: ?