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Daniel Leo Simpson

Ft. Monmouth, New Jersey 1959


Daniel Leo Simpson 

Daniel Leo Simpson




Our featured and new composers' music (fugues/canons only):


Works for Orchestra


» MIDI | Adagio and Fugue in d minor for string orchestra (2001)

Sequence by the Composer [© Daniel Leo Simpson]



Sacred music


Mass in F major
» MIDI | 1. Kyrie ~ Christe ~ Kyrie
» MIDI | 2. Gloria
» MIDI | 3. Credo
» MIDI | 4. Sanctus ~ Benedictus
» MIDI | 5. Agnus Dei

Sequences by the Composer [© Daniel Leo Simpson]



Piano music


» MIDI | Fugue in f sharp minor for piano four hands (1995)

Sequence by the Composer [© Daniel Leo Simpson]


Inventions in the style of Johann Sebastian Bach (1999-2005)
» MIDI | 1. Invention in C major
» MIDI | 2. Invention in F major
» MIDI | 3. Invention in d minor
» MIDI | 4. Invention in A major
» MIDI | 5. Invention in f minor
» MIDI | 6. Invention in B flat major
» MIDI | 7. Invention in B major
» MIDI | 8. Invention in G major
» MIDI | 9. Invention in E major
» MIDI | 10. Invention in b minor
» MIDI | 11. Invention in E flat major
» MIDI | 12. Invention in c minor
» MIDI | 13. Invention in D major
» MIDI | 14. Invention in a minor
» MIDI | 15. Invention in b flat minor
» MIDI | 16. Invention in g minor
» MIDI | 17. Invention in e minor
» MIDI | 18. Invention in f sharp minor
» MIDI | 19. Invention in e flat minor
» MIDI | 20. Invention in A flat major
» MIDI | 21. Invention in D flat major
» MIDI | 22. Invention in c sharp minor

Sequences by the Composer [© Daniel Leo Simpson]


Esercizi in the style of Domenico Scarlatti (1999-2004)
» MIDI | 1. Esercizio in D flat major
» MIDI | 2. Esercizio in a minor
» MIDI | 3. Esercizio in D major
» MIDI | 4. Esercizio in d minor
» MIDI | 5. Esercizio in c minor
» MIDI | 6. Esercizio in C major
» MIDI | 7. Esercizio in B (H) major
» MIDI | 8. Esercizio in D flat major
» MIDI | 9. Esercizio in g minor
» MIDI | 10. Esercizio in A major
» MIDI | 11. Esercizio in b minor
» MIDI | 12. Esercizio in F major

Sequences by the Composer [© Daniel Leo Simpson]



Organ works


» MIDI | Fugue in F major (1974)

Sequence by the Composer [© Daniel Leo Simpson]



Daniel Leo Simpson, an American Composer with a flair for creating contagious and engaging music, specializes in unusual, interesting and dynamic works of every genre. From concerti and symphonies to commercials and film music, he is distinguishing himself as unique in his field.

He has had extensive music training, having studied under such esteemed American composers as Robert McBride and Robert Muczynski. Mr. Simpson holds a Masters degree in Theory and Composition from the University of Arizona in addition to holding both Elementary and Music Teaching Credentials from Arizona State University and a California State Teaching Credential in Music Education.

He was also accepted for study at the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles, where under the tutelage of Henry Mancini, Bill Conti, Joe Harnel, and Allyn Ferguson, he mastered the craft of writing music for motion pictures. There he worked as a commissioned artist creating music for featured films, television talk shows and commercials.

In addition to his creative genius, Mr. Simpson has received recognition as a well established and brilliant computer music software expert, gaining the praise and confidence of such notables as Carlos Rodriquez with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Tom Bones Malone from Paul Shaffer's CBS Orchestra with the David Letterman Show, Akira Endo of the Miami City Ballet and guest conductor for the San Francisco Ballet, and Barry Manilow among others.

Currently, some of his commissioned works have already been premiered in the San Francisco Bay area while others are presently being prepared to be showcased by bay area musicians. Most recently, his work Poéme for Cello and Orchestra was performed at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts by the El Camino Youth Symphony with world renowned cellist Michail Gelfandbein as soloist.



Daniel Leo Simpson
3271 Brittan Ave
San Carlos, CA 94070 USA
Web page



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